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Thread: Fisher Method at

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    Fisher Method at

    According to the Fisher Method website:

    "The Fisher Method is not new at all. Universities around the world have been using this statistical formula for a long time. Why haven't private traders used this formula to their advantage? Because its very complicated to calculate in real time while trading. Thats why I have decided to make this brilliant formula into:

    “The Most Profitable - No Technical Knowledge Required -
    Binary APP On The Market Today”

    You will soon understand why this is the most profitable and easy method to unlimited profits out there."
    Pretty confident for a stock-photo guy with the fake name of Jacob Clark.

    And let's not forget about the "Statical" Calculus:

    "Great to meet you, I’m Jacob Clark
    As a Professor or Statistics and honorary Professor of Mathematics I’ve have over 100 published research articles. All these papers are related to statical calculus and algorithms. I not only teach statistics, but have used it to earn over $5M trading Binary Options over the last 3 years. Now its time to make my Fisher APP™ available to the public.

    Why am I Doing this Now?
    You've seen the news. High unemployment, recessions, downsizing, and foreclosures are a daily topic. Right now is the best time to invest in yourself and start becoming financially independent.

    You deserve it.
    Welcome to your new life"

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    Re: Fisher Method at

    Quote Originally Posted by scammer
    Now its time to make my Fisher APP™ available to the public.
    fisher app scam.jpg

    fisher app scam 2.JPG
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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