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Thread: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance / Scammer Tim Darnell

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    North American Company for Life and Health Insurance / Scammer Tim Darnell

    Scammer Timothy Spencer Darnell has once again managed to get appointed with an insurance company. Let's look at the application:

    Pages from northamericanlife.pdf

    The third question is quite interesting. I filed complaints against Darnell with the Texas Department of Insurance. He was investigated for this stranger owned life insurance on seniors scam. 60 reps from his Advantage Conferences pyramid scheme got licenses to sell insurance. As no legitimate insurance company will underwrite policies that are going to be resold, the whole program imploded with hundreds of thousands promised to seniors and tens of thousands in commissions promised to reps. Not one cent changed hands and many of those folks involved were hurt very badly financially as Judy Sterling shared.

    Texas Rep (me) - Filled Bankruptcy
    Nebraska Rep (Widowed Male) - Home Forclosure
    Minnesota Reb (Single Mom) - Home Forclosure
    Texas Rep (Single Mom) - Demise from a 6 figure income to spending retirement money for living costs
    Pennesylvainia Rep (Divorced Empty Nester) - Home Forclosure
    Maine Rep (Coupel with 9 kids)- Home payments in arrears
    Steven (can't remember what state he's in) (Divorced Empty Nester)- Home Forclosure
    As no one had any signed policies Darnell was not prosecuted by the Department of Insurance. He received a warning letter for that insurance debacle.

    The insurance company asked if he is involved in litigation. I hope he answered that truthfully as I am contacting them.

    The application also asks if there are any judgments or liens (including state or federal tax liens) against you? The instructions say to "Please respond to all Questions for you personally and any organization over which you have exercised control. Wouldn't that include Advantage Conferences? Well, Advantage Conferences has a $300,000.00 judgment against it. Tim Darnell has a $97,265.17 IRS tax lien filed this January 2011 for the taxes he owed for 2005. He has a separate $8,000.00 lien. He refused to pay taxes from 1999-2005. He sent in Affidavits instead of returns and payment.

    Attachment 400

    Attachment 190

    Darnell is once again delinquent on his property tax and will likely be facing suit shortly.

    Darnell Property Tax 2011.pdf

    The application asks if one has ever declared bankruptcy. All Star Entrepreneur and Advantage Conferences were his companies, that he founded and ran out of his home and both imploded into bankruptcy.

    The application also states, "I further authorize north American or any of its affiliates or their duly authorized representatives to contact any organization or individual who has knowledge of my employment history, credit history, financial status, or record of any illegal activity to obtain a record of such history , status or activities and hereby authorize the release of such information by such organization or individual in connection with this application....."

    Operating a pyramid scheme in Texas is clearly illegal. Darnell was never prosecuted, but his suit with the Better Business Bureau got Advantage Conferences adjudicated to be a pyramid scheme. Not surprising as he wrote the comp plan for United Sciences and it was deemed an illegal pyramid by 3 Attorneys General.

    When the Tru Dynamics large ticket conference scam went down in flames Tim Darnell was sued by his downline he ripped off. in a desperate attempt to weasel out of that legitimate lawsuit Tim Darnell denounced his United States Citizenship and his Texas residency. Can an alien / non-resident even be licensed and appointed?

    Darnell also stole the names of two different churches without their permission to set up a questionable charity. Certainly quite unethical to say the least.

    Tim Darnell also has a history of threatening people.

    The question is now what exactly did Darnell write on his application? The application warns him that the insurance company and its repressentatives may seek out more information from any party that has it. I will be emailing this to North American and all the other insurance companies that have appointed Darnell.

    North American Company for Life and Health - We're Here For LifeŽ | Contact Us

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    Re: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance / Scammer Tim Darnell

    The parent company for North American is right down the street from me:


    Sammons Enterprises, Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters
    5949 Sherry Lane
    Suite 1900
    Dallas, TX 75225
    Phone: 214-210-5000

    The company has been incredibly charitable and it is an honor to have them in my fair city. Certainly, they will take appropriate action in line with their company policies.


    Sammons: DIFFERENCE

    Sammons: DIFFERENCESammons: our values based culture


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