Here's some guy in a Cubs Shirt sitting at the top of a Cliff. For convenience sake I'm going to refer to him as Simon Roper:

Simon claims he does a live presentation for every single person who visits the website...although my video downloader didn't really find the whole "live presentation" concept credible at all:

Also not credible are the Beta testers. Here's Amy Clarke:

Here she is in her natural surroundings at Fiverr:

...and while PicTriev may not be the most reliable face similarity checker on the planet: eyeballs tell me that's the same person.

At least her binary options account information was verified by the VeriTrades scam website...

...debunked at RealScam here.

Here's Tom Harlow's imaginary profit to date:

And here's Tom's letter to Verified Trader where he can't seem remember his last name:

The ever-popular fake Twitter feed gimmick: which the stolen Twitter feed images are stored on the website: