Seems religious people are more vulnerable to scammers... their ability in believing in something WITHOUT evidence (i.e. faith), and consequently, their vulnerability to someone whom they seen as the same faith. If the religion card (along with others, such as race, underdog, philantropy, etc.) are played right, religious people can be VERY vulnerable.

The arrest of Christian ponzi schemer Ephren Taylor seemingly underscores a worrisome trend in organized religion.

29-year-old Ephren Taylor is the latest Christian ponzi schemer make the news for using the faithful and trusting to bilk what the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says was $11 million from churchgoers in a massive ponzi scheme. But even on initial first glance, the case appears to have depressing parallels with that of notorious and wide-scale “affinity fraud” perpetrator Bernie Madoff, who similarly preyed on Jewish organizations, charities and hospitals- Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel’s organization lost more than $15 million to the scam before it was uncovered and Madoff was thrown in jail.

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