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Thread: Sacha Stone: Human Right's Activist, Gaddafi Sympathiser, & Spiritual Leader?

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    Sacha Stone: Human Right's Activist, Gaddafi Sympathiser, & Spiritual Leader?

    Open Letter to Sacha Stone: Human Right's Activist and Gaddafi Sympathiser?

    Dear Mr. Sacha Stone,

    Or may refer to you as Mr. Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, born 1966, according to your company director profile. (1)

    I write to you today questioning your integrity, transparency, and legitimacy and that of your Humanitad Foundation.

    Now to a quote of yours delivered for your organisiation the Humanitad Foundation:

    "When the integrity of those responsible for upholding the rule of law is compromised it becomes the responsibility of all free people to stand up if our most sacred freedoms are to be preserved." (2)

    1. The above quote you delivered in the summer of 2012 at your dissatisfaction at the Indonesian Supreme Court, and in support of human rights. You claim to be neutral and to be a protecter of the human rights, on the other hand you write in support of Colonel Gaddafi glorifying him as a "supreme martyr" and "a damned fine Bedouin warlord. A finer man than any of the ‘rebels’ who accept Faustian guns and glory from the West" (3)

    You then go on to praise his "desert-logic" stating that he will be missed. And while how Gaddafi met his end leaves a lot to be desired in the process of justice, this is a man who's government "rejected recommendations calling for the death penalty not to be applicable to “offences” related to freedom of expression." and refused a "request to visit by the UN Special Rapporteur on torture." or perhaps you refer to the logic of "Law No. 19 of 2010 on Combating Irregular Migration was… this provides for indefinite detention followed by deportation of those believed to be irregular migrants, and allows no right of appeal." (4)

    You praise that Gaddafi's regime was providing "free housing" and "free education" (3) yet during his regime the "Tabu community in south-eastern Libya faced discriminatory measures. The authorities refused to renew or issue passports, birth certificates and other identification documents, and schools in Kufra municipality refused to enrol some Tabu students." and also the were subject to "forced evictions" form their homes. (4)

    Mr. Stone how on earth can you genuinely praise Gaddafi whose government has abused the human rights of so many?

    2. In your letter to President Obama you question his authenticity to lead the USA, in particular requesting him to publish his long from birth certificate. (5) Which he did do after Donald Trump requested the same. But what I don't understand is why should you a believer of interfaith inter-government cooperation be concerned about where Obama was born surely by your own philosophies of international human rights a man should be able to lead regardless of his birthplace. All this does not seem to be in line with your flowery spiritual poetry you propagate of universal human love and union.

    3. Another quote of your's is "I'm here representing Humaitad foundation and in effect representing the international community, and really we are here to respectfully remind Indonesia that this is not a local issue this is a universal issue it's called human rights, it's called natural justice." (2)

    Now who exactly put you in charge of Humanitad is there an election for it's leadership? No sir I believe it is a self appointment. And now who allowed or appointed Humanitad to represent the international community? No one, but yourself.

    A quick company check on your "self-funding" Humanitad Foundation reveals your organisation has no employes on it's books and has £2 in assets and has liabilities of £63,442, meaning your company is in the red by more the £60,000 and has a negative balance sheet, (1) (6) yet in your support of Gaddafi you praised his concerns to protect his people for "debt-slavery."(4)

    So can you then explain why you run your foundation in such debt? And also you are exempt from audit but would it not be right for an organisations such as yours that claims to represent humanity as a whole to give properly audited accounts and also more details as to who these trade creditors are that you owe so much money to and what for?

    While on the matter of money can you shed more light behind the finances of the $12,400 a year Chinese language program, and of your Budapest education program, (7) and why no revenue from these programs is shown in you company accounts?

    Actually more transparency on your self and your finances would be appreciated, I wonder by looking at the negative balances and practically zero cash in your company statements, no indication of salary how you support these travels around the world, back and forth from UK to Indonesia and your lifestyle in each of these places, i.e. your flat in Kensington, London (where your company is registered to) and the Villa in the Indonesian Jungle and your many pets including your pet monkey "Cosmo"? (8)

    After all prior you were a rock recoding artist without any commercial success, and I believe you are not making anything from music sales or royalties from that time prior to making these organisations so some explanation of your own background and resources, and qualifications I am sure you would agree should be presented before making a self-appoint to represent the "international community"

    4. Further what is necessity for adopting this stage surname "Stone" surely when fighting for the cause of humanity and transparency there your original surname could suffice. Unless I fear that this is indeed is a stage and performance for you one fuelled with megalomania, delusional self-glorification, and narcissism.

    Why else would you need to adorn your self with multiple titles such as Executive Director of Exemplar Zero which you also founded, (9) and Director General of your self founded NWO (Natural World Organisation) the motto of which ironically reads "Global transparency and accountability." (24) And one of Humanitad (your) goals is "e - democracy" (10) but you have never been elected to any of these positions, instead it appears you simply formed these organisations and gave your self what ever title you pleased.

    And it appears the lust for titles and self importance is also shared by your international and constitutional law officer which your website states is The Duke de Ronceray, Sir John Walsh, Duke of Brannagh, who is also Marquis de Segre, Count de Bauge et de Fontevrault, Viscount de Fontevrault, Baron de Beaufort. (11)

    Now that is a serious amount of Royal tittles, one wonders what a man with 8 Royal titles, resident in Norfolk Island, is doing working with "Q wealth" in the nontransparent offshore industry as they explain the "Duke will teach you where to find a secret tax haven where there is: no Income Tax, no Capital Gains Tax, no Corporation Tax, no Inheritance Tax and no Property Tax. In fact NO TAX AT ALL!" (12) And yet this goes against your own statement of "tax paying people, good people." (13)

    Director-General Stone your own constitutional and legal officer, a core administrator of your NWO whose motto is "Global transparency and accountability." is facilitating in the avoidance (possibly evasion) of taxes and concealment of assets. Is this perhaps what you are using his legal services with Humanitad and your own finances for?

    5. There are so many inaccuracies within the complex and confusing web of your many organisations that I can go on and on, the Exemplar Zero Initiative (which is basically you), watching the video presentation the renders of monorail trains, floating solar installations, underwater cities, (14) seem like quite a bargain for the $10 Billion dollar fund you are trying to raise, which of course Humanitad (which is also you) would manage. (15)

    Then to achieve all these highly innovative ambitious scientific dreams is you appointment of Mr. Frederik Stimmel as Chief Science and Technology officer. In his official biography it is stated "Frederik has 15 years broad and varied engineering and technical experience" (16) yet on his linkdn account his skills and expertise are listed as "video editing" and "streaming media" (17) once again it all seems like directed towards building a facade, as opposed to achieving anything tangible.

    6. The New Earth Project (also you) manifesto includes the aim of "the establishment of ethical and accountable governance worldwide" (18) and may I ask who has given you the right, the vote or what qualification do have in determining who is ethical and who they should be accountable to?

    On one had you criticise USA for interfering with sovereign states yet it seems you desire the same powers yourself. And personally I seriously question your taste in ethics especially if you glorify Gaddafi and believe his regime was in any way an accountable one.

    What is also worrying is now you are asking people to sign up to this residency program where you suggest "residents are encouraged to transcend the illusion of individual ownership." (19) While your ideas of universal health, technological advancements are seductive, beyond vague illustrations and flowery discourse there is no concrete example of research that you are doing to progress this cause.

    It appears more to me that as with all these fancy tittles you are after some sort of fiefdom where you shall be lord of the manor as such, perhaps following in the footsteps of your favourite warlord Gaddafi.

    6. Then there is the monument to mankind a seven tier pyramid which you state will be "10,000 years of human history caved in stone" (20) Well Mr. Sone, I question the purpose and the expense of building such a structure when time, resources and energy should be spent directly on improving the human condition. Would you not agree? Once again it seems like a pharaoh complex to me in order to promote your own cult of personality.

    7. And while there are so many other inaccuracies through your web of organisations and projects, there is one thing in particular that is most worrying of all.

    That is your spiritual quest. Now if you were a fictional writer, or a performer I would commend you on your creativity and imagination.

    However this also involves real impersonal young people and minds.

    Perhaps where you could not make it as a prominent rock star you found another way to have centre stage, and rebel against "da man" (3)

    This may even explain your attraction to likes of Gaddafi saying that "he wore sunglasses like a rock-star," (3) and thus are attempting to create a cult of personality and inventing your self as a spiritual rebel NGO crusader for humanity collecting dividends in groupies and young imprisonable girls.

    This however is nothing new Charles Manson had a similar ploy, however I don't believe you to be as twisted or as sinister as him. Yet I feel you are a danger to gentle, beautiful impressionable minds in search positivity, peace, justice and spirituality.

    I don't feel in your heart you harbour these notions genuinely, in your spiritual discourse and general writings you use this concept of reptilian beings, is this based on the notion that the limbic system of the brain comes from a primitive source or is the David Icke conspiracy theories?

    You have stated that to "become crowned as Sons and Daughters of G-d." and "become the living aspect of Divinity in this quadrant of the Multiverse," we need to accept "all that we see before us - is all that we have chosen to manifest. All that we have chosen to manifest - is exactly as it should be. In the now." (21)

    And that "to own this fact" is to "enter into a fluid and quantum field of expression and experience. The other." (21)

    Are you certain you can compare divinity to quantum field theory, which in essence is the merging of relativity and quantum mechanics, and also stating that all particles are indistinguishable. (22)

    Breaking down the jargon of your metaphor "quantum field of expression" could mean a filed of indistinguishable expression. Now how does that relate in any way to entering the Divine?

    It appears you are using verbal showmanship to create an intellectual sounding spiritual doctrines. Which is in fact just the incorrect use of scientific theory in an attempt to give false credibility to your divine notions.

    In ether case spirituality is a sensitive topic, and every one is entitled to their faith, however when you use the spiritual dimension as an attack tool of a political and economic nature, it becomes worrying.

    "In this way we are kept enslaved within the mutant paradigm of wage-slavery and the idea of economic scarcity. Needing to 'have a job' and 'pay bills' has become the hallmark of an absurd and almost self-exterminating civilisation." (21)

    Now while the present economic model may be far from ideal, your use of terms like "mutant paradigm" seem unnecessary and appear once again to create a false impression of intellectuality. All used to propagate you web of confusion. And then to use this pseudo spirituality as an attack against the present system, seems like a manic practice and something not grounded in reality or genuine spiritually.

    And please tell me you are not using "mutant paradigm" in any relation to the X-men comic-book mutant character. (23)

    Indeed you whole pursuit reads like a comic-book conspiracy caper in which you are the intellectual spiritual hero out to save the world. But in reality it appears that you are potentially a deluded shady fraudster.

    And so sir I would be grateful if you could address these points and answer these questions in simple and concise fashion, without the need to use a web of misplaced intellectual concepts.

    Kind regards from an individual who cares for the freedoms of mankind.


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    Re: Sacha Stone: Human Right's Activist, Gaddafi Sympathiser, & Spiritual Leader?

    Thank you, Domfree for your post. I saw on a close friend's Facebook page the New Earth Project. I thought it looked highly suspicious, but other than sending her a link to Skeptic's Dictionary for her to question New Age 'energy' healing etc. etc. I had little else to go on. I really appreciate your research and subsequent articulate questioning of Stone. I have sent her a link to your post. Thank you again. Peelee

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    Re: Sacha Stone: Human Right's Activist, Gaddafi Sympathiser, & Spiritual Leader?

    A very interesting post. I have been looking into an associate of Stone's Lewis Montague, who I was led to believe was the founder of the NWO. Companies House turns up some interesting info linked to Lewis Montague, including the fact that he has been closely linked to John Urwin. See the quote below from the comments section of "Pied Pipers of the Truth Movement. How about Brian Gerrish" on the website of Revolution Harry.

    "Does anybody know what the connection is between Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson and John Urwin and Lewis Montague from Humanitad. Apparently meetings have taken place where great interest was shown by the UK Column team in the brutal unarmed combat system taught by John Urwin and which is linked to the assasination methods taught to Mossad agents."

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