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Thread: Susan G. Komen CEO Under Fire

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    Susan G. Komen CEO Under Fire

    Susan Komen CEO's salary draws fire as donations drop, races are canceled - Open Channel

    Paying the CEO of the Susan G. Komen, Nancy Brinker, $684,000.00 a year is outrageous. She is supposed to be leading a charity to help cancer patients and fund research. She is lining her pockets and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Until that salary is cut by 2/3s, not another dime in donations should be made. There are other worthy organizations that have a clear mission to actually spend the donations on services.

    Compare that with the salaries of the family that runs the Terri Schiavo Foundation. The Schiavo's have worked tirelessly to help those who are cognitively disabled. These folks are on a mission to truly make a difference. Their CEO Robert Schindler is paid only $49,000.00. His mother and sister make $23,000.00 and $39,000.00 respectively for working full-time.

    The Susan G. Komen group could learn a lot from these folks who are truly operating a charity and handling the money responsibly!!!

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    Re: Susan G. Komen CEO Under Fire

    Unfortunately this is a common theme SBM. I found a very similar dynamic at work when looking for places to donate to help our returning soldiers. 1/2 Million dollar salaries disgust me.

    One other thing I will add having been involved with a few local charities is that when a big disaster hits their coffers deplete as the money flows to the problem area. Often times what I will do is give a little extra locally when something bad hits as I feel comfortable with how they are run.
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