I have sold charity lottery tickets there for about eighteen years. It is very hard work but it can be a lot of fun. The crowds are well behaved and most are very well heeled. I sell them a 2 ticket which has the registered charity no on the ticket. I cary three pages of information about the charity and I have my mug shot on one plus an ID round my neck. Each ticket is numbered, watermarked and legit in UK. A fair proportion of punters say they don't want a receipt, they want a sticker like the ones they get from other charities.

I will pop into a local printer next week to get a quote for some stickers and give out a DON'T MESS WITH SOAPBOX MUM sticker to any punter who moans about no stickers, if any bright spark can do a good design for beer swilling rugby supporters before they leave the streets of Twickenham for the stadium. HINT scratchy.

Most of the local cops and security staff in pub gardens know me so I get in where others could find it hard. Are any RS members going to International rugby at "Twickers" or the Inter varsity match in December? We could suss out the market for car stickers or badges.