One type of romance scam is the dating/love scam.

Scammer posing as a female joins a dating site or sends unsolicited email saying that she is looking for love but can't seem to find it despite being sexy, young, tall, thin, well-educated and employed and has plenty of time to send dozens of long-winded emails professing love while including dozens of professional pictures of herself in suggestive poses.


My Name is Blessing I am average in height and fair in complexion ,am a loving, romantic and caring angel. In my searching for friend today and i came across your email in my Google search after going through it. then i decided to contact you. I really want to have a good relationship with you. Beside i have a special something i want to discuss with you ,so reach me here(
Hope to hear from you soon.
I will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about myself. Remember distance or color does not matter but love matter's alot. I will be waiting for your mail.

( )

Your's in love.
Blessing .
my name is Happiness,i saw your profile today and become intrested to know more about you,so here is my e mail address,just contact me back so that i will give you my picture for you to know whom i am,please don't forget that distance or color dose not mean any thing but love matters a lot,so here is my e mail address

Thanks Yours New Friend

How are you today, I hope all is well with you .
I am sorry to worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will grant my request in good way and understanding, My name is Favour, I just went Through your profile and I have no options than leting you Know that I am interested in having a relationship with you, I will also like to Know you the more, you can send an email to my email address ( so that I can send you more details about my self Including my picture. I believe we can move from here. But bear in mind that Love has no colours barrier, no educational back ground barrier, no socio-economic Barrier, religious, language, nationality or distance barrier, the only important Thing there is love. I am waiting for your mail to this my email.
my name is Jeneve.
am tall and a little preety and single,
and i must tell you that it give me a grate pleassure when i red your
profil in this i decide to write to you
to let you know my feelings about you,that am having interest on you,
and i will be so happy have you as a friend as companion, and from this
site i believe we will move to a good relationship,and am a Liberian,
i want you to also know that Distance or age or even your language
colour can never be a barrier to our relationship,i also understand age
as just a number, so what matter allot is love true love and that is what am looking for,and i will also like you to mail me Direct to my mails box okay not here and from my mail box i will tell you more about myself and with more of my photos which i will send to you, in your mail box okay,here is my email address ( please am wating,yours sincerely Jeneve.
Don't those 4 'ladies' sound very similar?

Notice how they all say that "age, distance, language and colour doesn't matter" and only that "love matters", that is a huge red flag. Googling any variation of those sentences and a person can find hundreds of postings of similar scammer's romance emails.

In the next email or 2, 'she' will fall in love and want to toss her miserable life aside and fly immediately to your side. But wait, she doesn't have enough money and can't possibly wait to save any as she wants to meet her soul mate right now. Paperwork fees, travel documents, passports, visas, airline tickets, travel costs all must be paid by Western Union because..."that is how it is done here". 'She' does not have a bank account, none of 'her' friends have a bank account, all businesses she has ever dealt with only accept cash and you must send her your cash right away or she won't be able to pay for her internet fees and will disappear forever.

Of course, all those fees won't be mentioned in one email, they will be spread out over dozens of emails. Then disaster strikes and the money you sent must be spent on mom's medical bills, rent, electric bill, what ever problem the scammer thinks you will believe. Then more money for more problems, more travel issues, again and again until you hopefully figure out 'she' is a scammer before you remortgage the house and send the scammer more money than he could make in 10 lifetimes.

This type of scammer will not only steal a victim's money but will also take the victim's trust and belief in others.