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Thread: Greyhound Bus Lines has Abysmal Customer Service

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    Greyhound Bus Lines has Abysmal Customer Service

    I got to the Greyhound station at 7:05 to pick up an elderly friend. I discovered from the boards that her bus was expected to come in late. By 9:30 I was completely panicked as the bus she was supposed to be on was dropped from the posted board entirely.

    The ticket sales rep said the bus was late and she had no update. The security officer / office manager said the bus had come in on time. I finally blew and demanded he check out the schedule carefully as I was very concerned that my friend was travelling alone, 3 hours late and nowhere to be found. He finally, after a huge mother meltdown, did confirm her route and discover the bus was 4 hours behind schedule. He had a foot and 100 pounds on me, but if I hadn't gotten confirmation as to her whereabouts I would have flattened that rude dude. She borrowed a cell phone and told my husband on the home phone that they were actually due in 5 hours past the scheduled time.

    By the time she got there, she was exhausted after 1 day and 20 hours on the bus and I was having quite unpleasant exchanges with the Greyhound folks who didn't have accurate information about their buses. Late might be understandable, but not knowing if your elderly passengers are on a late bus or lost is not. I was so worried.

    There is no excuse possible for such complete disregard for customers!


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    Re: Greyhound Bus Lines has Abysmal Customer Service

    I rode a Greyhound 400 miles from Sacramento to Long Beach once. They should use them to get information from terror suspects.

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    Re: Greyhound Bus Lines has Abysmal Customer Service

    Gee!! I did not know that they still existed...what a shock!


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