Corey Rudl was probably the leading figure in the development of what has become known as Internet Marketing. Corey's marketing tips on how to make easy money on the Internet are still available. Please cam somebody do some research on the methods as presented today. Are they methods developed by Corey Rudl? Marketing Methods

Corey's methods were hawked at over Adlandpro which has degenerated into a scammers paradise and known as Scamlandpro by most RS members). What were Corey's methods? Huge numbers bought Corey's training courses. The methods may have worked in the early days but they have been used, misrepresented and mis sold by unscupulous sales people.

See a Scamlandpro Presentation

I read his Corey's sales spiel very carefully. I decided not to buy his much heralded Intermet Marketing coures. That decision was based on the fact that I did not think it had anything to do with marketing. I thought he was teaching people how to sell his products and nothing else.

I have spent most of my working life marketing and I disagree with the whole definition of Internet Marketing as defined by today’s Internet Marketers.

I think that the attempt to call the sale of mass produced digital products marketing, a deliberate attempt by Internet scammers and con artists, to deceive people into misunderstanding what marketing really means..

A marketer opens up new markets within a standard framework. He or she searches for the new market, resources products to fill the gap and does research to find out what customers are prepared to pay for the product or service.

My Experience as a Marketer. My Early Training.

When I started work as a trainee interviewer/manager in a newly established scientific employment agency I was taught to sort out any applications from people who would be more suitable for other divisions in our agency. I asked my applicant if I could hand him or her over to our engineering department, sales dept, managerial appointments or accounting division. If they agreed I did not keep any records about the applicant. I was not interested in hawking people’s private details to all and sundry. I was employed to recruit scientific staff and I only handled scientific staff. End of story.

How I Established New Markets.

I read "Situations Vacant" in every conceivable scientific publication and daily newspaper, which carried advertisements for scientific staff and made copious notes about their work. These notes were documented into a specific genres There were notes for work handled by research establishments, design and development divisions of large companies, technical support experts, consulting engineers with scientific advisors, post design services, etc. I found out the “buying names” ie the person to approach if our agency came across an applicant who looked as if he or she could be of any interest to them in the future. In some cases it was the chief engineer, in others the buying name was the personnel manger, the technical director, tech support manager or (in some cases) the managing director.

I found out the salary level that these people would pay for applicants with specific skills and I pointed out what their competitors were paying for people with similar skills by referring them to this or that advertised position in relevant publications.

How I discovered a new market for Geologists and opened up a new International Division for the agency..

That was easy. There were very few jobs for geologists in the UK but England had the best Schools of Mines in the World. The Royal School of Mines at Imperial College of Science and Technology and Camborne Shool of Mines in Cornwall are famous. It was not difficult to find employers who wanted geologists trained by these institutions. I established strong relationships with individuals in mining companies who recruited overseas staff, with large consulting engineers and with some banking and venture capitalist groups.

I placed most of my advertisements in specialist International publications like The Mining Journal, Nature and The New Scientist and Internationally renound broadsheets like The Daily Telegraph. I recruited a top notch "Consultant Geologist" who to run the new "International Division. He was retired but still very well known in the field as his last job had been as Commissioner for Mines in Keyna. People abroad were happy to pay for him to select and interview staff for their highly paid jobs in other countries.

It did not take long for the news that there was a specialist agency for geologists and associated staff in London and applications started poring in.


I believe that the only way to market is to search for new markets, resource products (such as people with specific skills) and to find out how much buyers ( like mining companies and consulting engineers) are willing to pay for the product.