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Thread: Rules and Guidelines

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    Rules and Guidelines

    RealScam.com Rules and Guidelines
    RealScam.com Rules and Guidelines:
    Welcome to REALSCAM.COM!

    1: Don't be a Jerk. You must be thirteen years of age or older, and be able to act like it in order to post on our forums.

    2: We are not your advertising venue, so please do not put your self-promotion links in the body of posts. Do properly cite all quotes with the links from original works. If you quote material that is from the opportunity you are promoting, you will need to use a generic link that does not have your personal referral ID in it or refer to a personalized URL for a replicated sales site.

    3: Do not use our private message or E-Mail system here to advertise your opportunity. That will get you banned immediately.

    4: Do not put your full name, address or phone number on the site.

    5: Please keep self-promotion links and contact information in your signature which needs to be limited to 3 items no larger than size 3 font. No graphical images are permitted. We reserve the right to remove or edit any signature without notice at our sole discretion.

    6: Do not use the name of another person, a website URL from a website you do not own or anything that is copyrighted material as your user name. Using the name of a scammer you are trying to expose as your user name will not be permitted and may in fact be illegal in certain jurisdictions.

    7: Sexually oriented language, excessive foul language, threats, porn, hate posts, racist material, violent depictions, libelous, defamatory material and / or any content that the administrators and / or moderators find objectionable will not be permitted and will be edited or removed. Anything that includes or links to porn, threats, child abuse related material, material that encourages any type of criminal activity and the like will be removed and result in an immediate permanent ban.

    8: Full names of folks that relate to the topics being discussed are welcome. Do not go to Zabasearch, Whitepages etc. and post the addresses and telephone numbers or other personal information of anyone. Personal information that people have posted of their own volition online in business and promotional materials is acceptable. Information found in public records such as tax liens, court documents, business filings and the like are permitted as part of documents posted that relate to a topic being discussed.

    9: Do not hit below the belt. Personal information that does not relate to business acumen, financial success, education, ethics, training and the like is off limits.

    10: Thread hijacking and / or posting with the intent to simply flame will result in the member being warned and then banned if that becomes a problem. Please attack what was posted, not the person who posted it.

    11: Only 1 user name per member is permitted. If you wish to change your user name, please let an admin or moderator know. We respect your privacy here and the registration information you provide will never be sold to anyone, ever. But we will cooperate fully with authorized requests from law enforcement.

    12: Most infractions will result in a warning given. Certain infractions will result in an immediate ban.

    14: Please keep complaints or questions about moderation and / or disputes with other members in PMs. Show Groups - RealScam.com - Is it, or isn't it? You Decide. Suggestions for new forums, new threads or improvements to the site are always welcome on the threads.

    13: If it is not covered by the rules, please use good judgment. The administrators and moderators will also use good judgment and what they decide goes, so please heed any warnings you are given. All decisions regarding the suitability of content by any Administrator or Moderator here are final.

    Have a great time here at RealScam.com

    Please note that we do not have a political forum. We are not accepting posts of that nature at this time due to the difficulty of moderating a political discussions forum.
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