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Thread: Investors fear HK$3b losses in closure of MyCoin Bitcoin trading company

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    Investors fear HK$3b losses in closure of MyCoin Bitcoin trading company

    The South China Morning post is today REPORTING

    You can read the entire original story here on
    the South China Morning website
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    Re: Investors fear HK$3b losses in closure of MyCoin Bitcoin trading company

    It's not in English, but here's a couple more links for you. It's short, so I'll translate: is operated by YuSai 裕勢 Investment company. This company is located in Tsim Sa Tsui Railroad building 23rd floor. Reporter arrived to find the office empty. Security personnel on scene stated that there hadn't been people there for a month or so. This news conducted researched that shows this company's CEO Leh-Shing Huang (黃樂欣) is unusual that his name also appeared on 167 other companies as CEO. Sources indicate that while it is not illegal to own this many companies, most are probably shell companies to own different assets and cars.

    Not only are people responsible gone, none of the trades have any paper trail, which will make restitution extremely difficult. Victim Ms. Teng claimed, she gave several checks but was asked to leave the recipient BLANK. She refused, and was told she can put in her upline's name, or use the sales leader's name NienTsi Liu (劉念慈) who is a salesperson working for Most who petitioned the councillor Liang's office belong to the organization headed by this Ms. Liu, who's also known as "Sister Tsi". Reporter attempted to call Ms Liu at her number but the number was already disconnected. Councilman Liang is afraid that HKPD will not take the case because most victims have little to no paperwork to backup their claim. Liang said this is the worst fraud he had ever encountered since he took office.

    ????167???? | ???? | ???? | 20150209

    NOTE: Liang is the same as "Leung" in the SCMP, I used a different transliteration.
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