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Thread: is same China Job Scam as Foreign HR owned by Skimmer Rosie Tang

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    6 is same China Job Scam as Foreign HR owned by Skimmer Rosie Tang

    More than 1,200 foreign TEFL teachers were arrested and deported from China because of this woman and now she has expanded her 12 alias scam operations to 13 with the addition of a bait and switch job site fraud where great job are advertised to lure people to send her their resume. She will sweet talk them on the pphone,promise the moon and use one of two tactics; 1) Try a lowball offer to see if the victim accepts a China teaching job with a "probationary pay rate" of under $800 a month with a promise of $2,000 a month after their 90 day probationary period is completed, or 2) If the the victim rejects the low ball scheme, she will suddenly find a plum job with very high pay and benefits to get the tecaher to come to China - on an illegal visa without telling the victim they can only work with a Z visa. Once in China, the victim settles into an expensive apartment and only THEN is told that plum job will not be available for another 3-6 months due to a hiring freeze! KNowing the victim is now almost broke after spending $5,000 to move to China and paid three months rent in advance (common requirement for foreign tenants in China), she offers them "a temporary job to keep you afloat until that plum job becomes available". But after 3 months the victim realizes they were played for a fool. By that time it is too late - Rosie earned her $2,000 placement fee and sold the victims a fake TEFL certificate for $1,000 or a fake diploma for $1,500 and if they protest, they are NOW TOLD they are in China illegally on the wrong visa and if they make waves, she will notify the police and they will be deported!

    At this point she has her victims by the short hairs. If the victims do not cooperate with Rosie, they will be reported through a third party to the PSB and that third party and Rosie will split the $2,500 reward money! Nice lady eh? But since their is no BBB or FTC equivalent in China and the police don't care about foreigners getting cheated, you can't do squat except same upenough money to go home, or try to find an honest employer on their own. Search "Rebecca Tang" in this Forum for more about her or go here to see all of her criminal exploits: China Foreign Teachers Union offers 1,000 rmb Reward For Legal Name Of This Chinese Scam Artist "Rosie" Using 14 Different Alias Names | Open Letter and also at this link China Job Scam Alert & FOREIGN HR target foreign TEFL teachers for skimming & extortion | Abroad Reviews. Her photo is here but nobody really knows her real name:

    Other companies she uses to recruit her victims to China:












    - NEW LIFE ESL (With Derrick Yazwa)


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