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Thread: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

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    Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    A friend invited me to try a free 14 day trial for this opportunity. It looks very complicated to someone who does not have much business sense. I've tried looking for details about them through Google but only found blog post raving about this opportunity. I've signed up and will see what happens over the next 14 days. Any advice or report back about whether this is a scam would be greatly appreciated. is the website.
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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    Welcome to the site. The referral url has been removed so we may discuss this without advertising for a particular rep.

    Our program works and we can guarantee that you will earn a passive income when you join Be Motivated Today...

    We are a legitimate business with awesome products that we'll tell you all about.
    Plus you get $50 worth of products and service absolutely free.

    That you don't need to sell or recruit to make money.....

    We want to invite you to discover our proven system that is creating wealth for our members automatically.
    What about this doesn't absolutely scream scam???

    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me:

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    I just got my own website. Glory be!

    Your Opportunity Create a passive income automatically, 24/7, earn residual income from home

    If this is as big a clunker as Mazu Global I will have to contact myself months later to see if my site works. It did, but that bum deal garnered me 0 inquiries after months of watching and waiting. It was yet another MLM scam Tim Darnell had signed up for dropped out of as it was a total bomb.

    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me:

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    Our motivational program will take you there

    Get your KEYS to personal SUCCESS.

    Have you ever wondered why some people are successful?

    Everything they touch seems to turn to Gold. How do they get it right?

    • Their career is fulfilling.
    • Their friendships and relationships are blossoming.
    • They live in beautiful homes.
    • They go on expensive holidays.

    Why do some people's lives just seem to work out so much better?

    There are certain keys, that will guarantee the success you were born for.

    These keys are the ones I have applied in my life to help me enjoy personal, career and financial success.

    • I started releasing my potential in my career
    • I started enjoying a more loving relationship with my wife
    • My income increased substantially
    • My lifestyle changed for the better

    I am enjoying greater fulfillment in every part of my life because I'm applying these keys.

    You were Born to Win

    I will reveal these keys to you in my Motivational Talk called "Born to Win".

    You have immediate access to this life-changing Motivational Talk as soon as you upgrade to Bronze Member.
    These keys will:

    • Help you see yourself as the Winner you are
    • Give you more confidence to try new things
    • Help you understand true success
    • Show you how to set motivating goals
    • Guide you on planning to achieve your goals
    • Show you how to improve your relationships
    • Equip you to influence others
    • Give you a clear road map for a life of achievement

    You receive this 72-minute audio plus a 30-page workbook that will launch you into a life of success when you upgrade to Bronze Member.

    These will launch you into a life of success.

    14-day money-back guarantee
    If you are not satisfied with our products and services we will give you a full refund of any subscriptions paid within 14 days.


    As a Bronze Member you receive all the following products and services that help you achieve balanced success.

    1. To help you become MORE SUCCESSFUL: Daily PEP-Talks, encouraging and inspiring emails. We can all use a daily boost of encouragement and motivation. It's like having a good friend give you a short call, every day and motivating you. Valued at $8/ month.
      I have most certainly enjoyed the fact that the emails were short. I made a point of reading and absorbing the content of every single one. And because they are not too detailed, you can read them again and again. I would recommend the Daily PEP-Talks. “Short but sweet”, and therefore very effective! – Gabi Marnewick – Rennies Bank

      (See more testimonies here)

    Every day you will be encouraged and reminded about a powerful success principle that will bring you more happiness and success in your career and relationships.
    The Daily PEP-Talks:

      • Build you up
      • Share ideas to help you in your career
      • Make you feel better and more positive about your future
      • Share strategies to improve your relationships
      • Make you laugh
      • Give you practical tools to get more out of life
      • Empower you to handle tough situations you may face
      • Help you improve your confidence
      • Help you become more assertive
      • Give you confidence in resolving conflicts
      • Give you the keys to wealth creation
      • And much, much more!

    1. "Nearly every day's message was applicable to the specific situations of that day! At times, when I was tempted to follow the old route, the message for the day helped me to see the situation in a new perspective and helped me handle it more effectively." – JS De Kock – Sanlam Manager

    2. Short, monthly, Motivating Videos to focus on an aspect of your life where you could have great victory, success and fulfillment. Valued at $4/ month.
    3. Monthly Motivational Audio clips taken from my motivational talks that inspire you to be the success you were born to be. Valued at $4/ month.

    4. Three e-Workbooks valued at $45 (+-R324):

      • On Your Marks, Get Goals, Get Going!! Feel the exhilaration of achieving your objectives. You get a clear guide on how to set goals and make the plans to achieve those goals. Plus I'll help you to overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

      • Secrets of Self-motivation. Motivate yourself every day, or when you are tempted to quit. With all that life throws at you, there is little wonder that at times it is difficult to motivate yourself. This workbook will give you over 100 ideas and techniques to help you stay self-motivated.

      • Are you managing to Stay Stressed? Enjoy peace and balance with the techniques and strategies in this practical workbook that will guide you to manage your stress effectively.

    5. As an affiliate Member, you automatically earn a 20% affiliate commission when you refer our services to friends and family. You also earn 20% referral commission on any other paying members that you refer.


    Download 20 personal development e-books. Valued at over $300 (+-R2160): .........

    These empowering products and services will take you to the next level of success.
    You receive products and services to the value of more than $600 (+-R4320), over a year.

    Yet you get it all for a $5 (+-R36)/month subscription.

    You can impact your world with your unique strengths and gifts. Let us encourage you on the journey to become and do all you were born to be and do. You will start seeing yourself as an awesome, incredible Winner, and be empowered with success skills and strategies to become more successful in every area of your life.

    Earn Affiliate Commissions & Bonuses
    As a Bronze Member and satisfied product user, you also earn 20% Affiliate Commission on all paying members, that you invite, and who upgrade with Be Motivated Today.
    Plus we pay you a $2.50 and $5 Upgrade Bonus, respectively on Bronze or Silver Members that you referred.
    (But if creating wealth is your goal, you need to upgrade to Silver Member)

    Upgrade your membership to become more successful in all areas of your life.

    Click Below

    I look forward to welcoming you as a Bronze Member of Be Motivated Today.


    If you want to create wealth automatically you need to upgrade to Silver Member.

    Click Below

    How to contain my excitement???? This reminds me of the Jack Weinzierl toilet flush where he sugessted $50,000.00 a month for Christian entrepreneurs with My Internet Business. That was a really quick dump for scammer Weinzierl!

    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me:

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    I'm adding something to this thread, as an extended answer to "Dan" who asked questions about it at He had also read this thread before he asked questions. "Dan" was interested in joining Be Motivated Today, so I will also cover that type of perspective.

    I have watched the compensation video "presentation" 2 times, freezing some details the second time. I don't like to have information "served" that way, i.e. having a motivator telling me the details. I will be focusing at some "red flags" here, rather than at the opportunity as a whole.

    Red flag 1:
    He's clearly selling the income opportunity rather than the service itself. He's rather vague when it comes to the service, e.g. it's almost impossible to find other details than the ones described in this thread. His promise of wealth is something that he's clearly not able to deliver to any other than himself (if he can get enough people to join).

    Red flag 2:
    The presentation is misleading. "You don't need thousands of people in downline to create wealth, only 1022 Platinum members in downline will give you $7,184 in monthly residual income". That's true, but 1022 Platinum members will require 65,534 people total in downline.

    Red flag 3:
    The compensation plan seems to cheat people, i.e. you'll need to recruit a full line before you'll get paid for it.
    * "Silver" only pays 3 levels deep?
    * "You will be upgraded to Gold when you have filled line 4 and 5, and so will your level 1 and 2"

    That sounds like you'll need to fill a whole line (or 2) in your downline before you can get paid for any of the members in it. A system like that will cheat you for payment most of the time and reward the organizer rather than you. But some of it will probably be brought back to the members as "Cash Rewards" and similar incentives.

    Additional flag:
    The only money coming IN comes from Bronze and Silver ($5 and $10 per month).
    * Gold $30 per month will be deducted from the payouts
    * Platinum $80 per month will be deducted from the payouts

    The only people paying any money IN "from the outside" are the 2 or 3 bottom levels in the system. Bronze isn't part of the income opportunity, so all the money coming in comes from the newly recruited Silver members. The system compensates for that by reducing people's payouts as best as it can, e.g. by upgrading them to Gold and Platinum and charging them for a higher monthly fee. The primary effect of that is that it will push money upwards in the system. It will reward people, i.e. the closer to the top of a downline = more rewards (at the expense of those at the bottom levels).

    But it also means there's very little money involved in the system itself, too little to qualify as a real pyramid scheme.

    The opportunity itself looks rather "safe", e.g. there isn't much money involved or anything like that. People will probably get something of value in exchange for their money, e.g. the experience itself should be worth something. As far as I could see, there's a fair "exchange of values" here if people are interested in the motivational stuff and other parts of the program.

    The red flags were about the presentation itself, i.e. it was vague and misleading where it should have been clear and factual. People seems to be "cheated" in several different ways = "What they BELIEVE they will get is more promising than what they really will get". I can see some value in that e.g. as some type of "training" (it can become handy knowing some of the tricks).

    I have only seen 1/3 of the compensation plan, the part covered in the video presentation. The compensation plan presented there was a 2x9 matrix (total 1022 positions in payable downline), 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 people in the different levels.

    I have also covered it from 2 different viewpoints, "critical / analytic" and "identifying potential value".

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    I've managed to get a copy of Be Motivated Today's compensation plan. I'd be interested to know what members of this forum make of it.

    The next 4 pages explain our system.

    OUR WEALTH GENERATING SYSTEM - here's how it works.
    (We will not be including Bronze Members in this explanation because they join primarily to enjoy the products
    and not to make money with our system.)

    You start to make money by upgrading from Trial to Silver Membership.
    You receive Motivational Audios, e-books and e-Workbook valued at over $500.
    For $10 per month you continue to enjoy our products and services.
    Using all the tools we give you (see page 51), and with the help of your mentor, you
    invite friends and contacts to visit your personalized Be Motivated Today website.

    When people visit your personalized Be Motivated Today website, our automated
    system goes to work and recruits your guest so that they join, first as a Trial
    Member then as a Silver Member.

    We pay you a one-time $0.25 Trial Member Bonus for each Trial Member that signs
    up on your website.
    We pay you a one-time $5 Upgrade Bonus for each Silver Member that upgrades
    from Trial Membership, and a monthly referral commission of $2 each. So on a $10
    subscription you will earn a one-time $5 and $2 per month. As soon as you have 5
    Silver Members, you earn a total of $10 in referral commissions, and your monthly
    subscription is covered.

    Any other Silver Members you invite, will give you money in your account every
    month, with no more effort.
    Because membership is based on a monthly subscription, you are paid every

    Members that you invited, also invite people to visit their personalized Be Motivated
    Today websites.
    Some guests upgrade to Silver Member (some to Bronze). You will benefit from
    these new members too. They will be on the 2nd generation of what we call your
    Income Matrix.

    These 2nd generation Silver Members will invite people to visit their personalized Be
    Motivated Today websites. You will also benefit from those who upgrade to Silver
    Member on this 3rd generation.

    How to Build Wealth with a System that Works-
    Our Commission Plan

    Now you will see how our 4 wealth creation strategies that help you build wealth.
    I promised you no hype and unrealistic earnings. Our system is sure and
    helps more people create financial freedom.
    It is not a Get-rich-quick system. It is a get-rich-steadily system.
    If you are serious about investing time in something that will give you
    financial freedom, our system will work for you. There are enough get-richquick
    systems that don't work. They never do. The figures you see on
    other websites where you find 5 and they find 5 and they find 5, and so on,
    are totally unrealistic. IT DOES NOT WORK.

    I'm not about to make you false promises and try to dazzle you with quick
    If that disappoints you, I'm sorry.
    We want to help people build wealth, not build unrealistic expectations.

    An Example.

    It starts small. But it's not how you start, it's how you finish – that's important.
    With the help of your mentor, you successfully refer 3 Silver Members. We pay you
    $15 in Upgrade Bonuses and you make $6 in passive income.
    With your help and that of your mentor, your Silver Members also each find 3 Silver
    members. See the red figures in the table below.

    You are now quite experienced and help your 3 to help those 9 each find 3 Silver
    members. See the green figures in the table below.

    Gen. Members $/Member Income

    1 3 $ 2.00 $6.00
    2 9 $ 0.50 $4.50
    3 27 $ 0.50 $13.50
    Total as Silver Member $24.00
    4 81 $ 0.50 $40.50
    Total as Gold Member $64.50

    As a Silver Member you are paid to the first 3 generations of your income matrix.

    So you would earn $ 24 in passive income every month. This means your
    Subscriptions are covered and you have some extra.
    It's not a lot, but it's a start.

    Upgrade Income Booster
    Now our Upgrade Income Booster strategy kicks in. You earn more when we
    promote you, but it won't cost you anything. We subtract your higher subscriptions
    from your commissions.

    To earn the extra $40.50 we promote you to Gold Member.
    Now you earn $64.50 every month.
    And you earn a $50 Growth Bonus.
    You have spent a bit more, but...
    You always make more money than you spend.
    As Gold Member you earn down to your 6th generation.

    As your mentor and you help people find people deeper down in your matrix, your
    matrix grows.
    Now you have members down to your 7th generation.
    But the Silver Members in your first 2 generations will also have been promoted to
    Gold Member.

    Again our Upgrade Income Booster strategy kicks in. You earn more commissions
    from the higher subscriptions from your promoted Gold Members. Your passive
    income on their subscriptions increases (see red figures in the table below).
    Your Income as Gold Member is $598.50.
    You also earn a $500 Growth Bonus.

    Gen. Members $/Member Income
    1 3 $ 6.00 $18.00
    2 9 $ 1.50 $13.50
    3 27 $1.50 $40.50
    4 81 $ 0.50 $40.50
    5 243 $ 0.50 $121.50
    6 729 $ 0.50 $364.50
    Total as Gold Member $598.50
    7 2187 $0.50 $1,093.00
    Total as Platinum Member $1,691.00

    There are now members in your 7th generation. You can earn referral commission
    on those members when we promote you to Platinum Member.
    When you are promoted, your passive income is $1,691 per month. It's starting to
    look good.

    Now your passive-income starts sky-rocketing as your members are helping their
    members and you are helping and mentoring deep in your matrix.
    As more members join on deeper generations of your income matrix, the members
    on your higher generations will be promoted, first to Gold Membership and then to
    Platinum Membership.

    In the table below you have members on 9 generations.
    Gen. Members $ /Member Income
    1 3 $16.00 $48.00
    2 9 $4.00 $36.00
    3 27 $4.00 $108.00
    4 81 $1.50 $121.50
    5 243 $1.50 $364.50
    6 729 $ 0.50 $364.50
    7 2187 $ 0.50 $1,093.50
    8 6561 $1.00 $6,561.00
    9 19683 $1.00 $19,683.00
    29526 Total $28,380.00
    You have 39 Platinum Members and 324 Gold Members. And you earn more from
    their memberships.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    Welcome Dan!

    I got my own website over a year ago for a laugh and it is such a fantastic opportunity that I have had a whopping zero inquiries. This scheme depends on massive amounts of recruits and pays out very little. Only the first in will make any money and the legions of losers on the bottom will have useless and worthless products and will have wasted their time for naught.
    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me:

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?


    I have looked at the compensation plan description. I don't think Oz will be able to write a review from it, since Be Motivated Today only is using examples rather than a written plan.
    * the video showed a 2x9 matrix as example
    * the written material shows a 3x9 matrix as example

    That suggest it's a unilevel matrix, "recruit as many as you want directly, but you will earn more if you organize them in a downline several levels deep, rather than directly under yourself". Oz won't waste time on systems he can't identify clearly, if he can avoid it.

    The only members paying money IN are the bottom levels, SILVER $10 per month.
    GOLD and PLATINUM will have monthly membership fee deducted from their payouts.

    It IS a recruitment scheme, and he's clearly focusing on the opportunity itself rather than the services, but how "acceptable" it is will depend on the type of value you will receive as a silver member (just ignore the income right now). The type of value you should look for is something that can keep people motivated even if they don't recruit anyone. E.G. 35 e-books about motivation can have SOME value for a short period of time, but it won't keep people motivated for more than 3 months.

    The more you can find of that type of value the easier it will be to recommend it to others, and it will also prevent people from dropping out too fast. It's actually much easier if you can recommend the program itself (the services) rather than the opportunity, and let people "find it themselves" if they are attracted to the opportunity.

    The plan will reward the owner more than the members, but that's normal in business. It looks a lot more acceptable than many other programs reviewed at behindmlm, but the services looks rather thin for Gold and Platinum (it can defend 1 month upgrade, but not a monthly $30 or $80 fee).

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    I used to be with Be-Motivated Today. Is it legitimate? yes it is. But as with any online marketing business, You have to do a lot of work to make Be Motivated Today work to get your returns. However I can vouch that it works and they are honest. I have yet to see any online business that costs you 10$ a month bring in high returns with low effort. Those that I have tried with low monthly fees and high returns have usually been pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are here today gone tomorrow. Be Motivated Today has been around for many years but as I have stated its a lot of time and effort invested for your returns. Just to give you an example. I am now owner of a social media network that cost me a once of $400-00. After selling 3 professional packages I am now in profit. This is not even counting the income earned from several other streams of income with this product. Now to me just selling the three packages as stated makes my second venture worth while the effort.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Be Motivated Today?

    Why do I get the impression that stevensnet814 is a bot?

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