Guys, Please don't register or fund your own with Optionrally.

They are scam. There are various proofs online and they have a very bad reputation online.

You can deposit but can't withdraw. They have a very low trust-score online.

Recently, i decided to register with them and delayed funding my account.

Immediately after registration, their support called my phone asking me to deposit. She said all sorts of things in order to persuade me to fund my account.

She said that a robot will trade for me and i will never have to do anything on my part to make profits???

She asked me about my current job and how much i earn from it. I willingly told her everything.

Because I've had previous experience with these kind of programs, i decided to search online about Option rally and found these results:

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OptionRally Scam Warning. Reviews

OptionRally Reviews | Scambook

Optionrally review | Online Binary Options Reviews

There are many more results online. Many people have lost their hard-earned cash to this scam broker

If i had not done this research, i would have fallen for this scam broker.

Guys please steer clear of Option rally, you can never withdraw your money after deposit. They are real scam.

Also, i noticed they bribe reputable companies like, fairbinaryoptions, fxempire e.t.c to write good reviews about them. In spite of these good reviews, the customers will always shout out loud in other websites.