Ryan Deiss has recently been hyping "his" Number One Book System which as Lanna over at the Salty Droid points out here is not-so-mysteriously showing convicted internet scammer Perry Belcher as the registrant.

Lis Sowerbutts wrote this:
Unfortunately, by any objective measure, i.e. from someone who is not an affiliate looking for 40% or so of the price for signing you up on their review, the Kindle Publishing Revolution fails at so many levels itís hard to keep it short, but we could start with Ė the book doesnít deliver on the title, subtitle or blurb.
Here's her full analysis and debunking of Ryan-Belcher's prelaunch hype:
Ryan Deiss’s Number One Book System: Scam Or Just Incompetent? | Passive Income Online: Lis Sowerbutts

And ends beautifully with:
How can I review a product and call it a scam without having seen it? Because some peopleís track records speak for themselves.
Will be interesting to see who is pushing the latest Ryan-Deiss-Belcher product.