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Thread: Viral Success Network

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    Viral Success Network

    Somebody asked me to look into this. It took me a long time to figure out what it was (I think I sort of know now).

    The main site is primarily baffling - Viral Success Network

    There's this video on YouTube goes into some detail about what Viral Success Network is:

    • Lead Generation Training
    • Lead Co-Ops

    He says in the video the price is $200 to $1000 One-time, but I clicked the link under his video and it
    shows the price is $19.95/month here:

    It looks like to be an affiliate you have to join the program and payments are sent direct to the affiliate:

    "I also understand that I can become an affiliate, and I can literally 'steal' the ability to re-sell this high-value VSN "Traffic Allstar" to my prospects and earn 50% commissions when my customers PAY ME directly."
    There are income testimonials on that lander that likely violate the FTC's no safe harbor act about testimonials.

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    Re: Viral Success Network

    Before we get into discussing how VSN is nothing more than a poorly disguised cash gifting / endless chain recruiting scheme, I want to know who goosed the guy appearing behind Dennis Millers head in the video clip:

    I'll bet whatever it was made his eyes water
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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