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Thread: Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

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    Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

    Seems there have been a lot of MLM deaths lately.

    Here's another one - D. Gary Young - a pioneer of the essential oils industry who built Young Living into a multi-level marketing giant with over a billion dollars in sales in 2017. (He liked to be called D. Gary Young because he thought it looks like "Doctor".)

    You probably remember hearing stories about the guy.

    * In 1980, he very briefly studied therapeutic massage at the American Institute of Physioregenerology. He later claimed to have graduated from there, until he was found lying and said that he never got a diploma due to a typological error of some sort. According to the institute's founder, Gary basically didn't do anything there, did 1/3 of the homework, and owed almost $2000 in tuition that he never repaid.

    * In 1981, he opened a "clinic" in Spokane, Washington, using his "degree". Gary was arrested for practicing medicine without a license, but only spent 30 days in prison with a year probation.

    * In 1982, Gary talked his wife at the time, Donna Young, into given birth in a hot tub at his "clinic". He held the baby, a little girl, underwater for an hour until she died. The coroner said she died from oxygen deprivation and would have lived had he not held her underwater.

    * In 1983, he was asked by an undercover cop about performing an underwater birth. Gary immediately offered an underwater birth as well as other prenatal care and he claimed he could cure the cop's mom's cancer. Again, Gary was arrested for practicing medicine without a license, but only spent 60 days in prison with a year probation.

    * In 1985, he "earned a master's degree in nutrition" and "later went on to earn a doctorate in Naturopathy", both from Bernadean University. Bernadean University was a diploma mill (aka a company selling fake diplomas) that was busted and then ruled as a fake school by the Nevada Supreme Court.

    and so on and so forth - you kind of get the idea that Gary deciding to take a dirt nap was a blessing to mankind.

    But what's really a hoot is this obituary posted by Jared Turner - President and COO of Young Living. Is this an obituary - or a commercial for essential oils?

    Young Living family,

    It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that our mentor and friend, our beloved founder Gary Young, passed away peacefully today in Salt Lake City, Utah surrounded by his closest family and friends due to complications resulting from a series of strokes.

    It was an honor for me to be with him when he took his last, peaceful breath at 3:55 pm, on this beautiful spring day. A sacred moment I’ll never forget.

    Even though he wouldn’t want us to feel this way, everyone at Young Living is heartbroken by this loss. We take solace in remembering the special man who was such an iconic pioneer and messenger for essential oils and their benefits to people around the world.

    Gary was the undisputed leader of the global essential oil movement. He spent 35 years studying the benefits and perfecting the extraction of essential oils, while building a billion-dollar plus global business designed to share what he deemed “the gift” of essential oils with millions of people.

    His commitment to physical and emotional wellbeing, combined with his lifelong love of nature, drove him to learn everything about essential oils – from how they are produced to their wellness benefits. He was passionate about providing all of our members with only the highest quality oils, sourced from our own farms and Seed to Seal certified suppliers and partners across the globe, so that millions can enjoy the full benefits of these amazing natural gifts today.

    Those who knew Gary understood that no man ever had a bigger heart or was more devoted to the betterment of humanity. His love for others, empathy, and forgiving nature were always on display across his roles as a husband, father, farmer, researcher, leader, explorer, innovator, mentor, philanthropist, and more. Gary’s “maverick” spirit, unfailing work ethic, and passion for life inspired everyone around him to be better, bolder, and kinder. He not only pioneered and created the product category of high quality essential oils as a mainstream wellness solution, but he also raised the bar for quality standards and created a purpose-driven movement that continues to sweep the globe and change millions of lives for the better.

    Mary, the executive team, and I have worked side-by-side with Gary and have had many discussions about his vision for the future of the company. We are completely committed to carrying on his legacy and mission of providing Young Living essential oils to every home in the world.

    Mary will continue to serve as the CEO and I will continue in my role of president and chief operating officer. In recent years, we have recruited and developed a world-class executive team. This talented group has diverse expertise across industries, from operations and manufacturing to research and marketing. This team has grown the business 800 percent over the last five years.

    Our corporate staff is committed to “take action” as Gary always guided, and we invite you to join us in honoring his memory by striving every day to live by his philosophy:

    “To truly accomplish our vision of taking the priceless benefits of our essential oils and oil-infused products to every home in the world, every possible effort is required. We seek ways to take positive, powerful action every day in every way. Ours is a proactive culture—never a reactive one.”

    From a personal standpoint, I will miss Gary very much. He played an instrumental role in my life, helping me grow as a leader but more importantly as a man. Gary was from humble beginnings, and even as Young Living grew and experienced success, he never lost sight of his passion for helping others. Having the opportunity to work by his side for the last six years has taught me lessons about determination and the importance of relationships. I will honor our friendship by always asking myself, “What would Gary do?” to help me make important decisions. My family and I are indebted to Gary for bringing us into this amazing journey of sharing “the gift” of essential oils with millions of people. Mary, Jacob and Josef thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

    Mary will be sharing more detailed information later this week.

    With Love,

    Len Clements: Mensa Society (155 IQ)

    Stephen Hawking: "People who boast about their IQ are losers."

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    Re: Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

    Cone on Doc, MLM'ers are always about their MLM. They live, breathe, drink, eat, sleep dreaming about their MLM. I mean he only mentioned "essential oils" 9 times. I am just shocked that it wasn't mentioned 20 times in the obit. Jared is slipping.

    Besides he really couldn't talk about Gary's real past in his obit now could he. I doubt if anybody in Young Living even knows about his shady and criminal past. Bad for business and recruiting.
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    Re: Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

    D. Gary Young's final indignity on this earth - making a team of Clydesdales haul his oily carcass to its final resting spot.

    Len Clements: Mensa Society (155 IQ)

    Stephen Hawking: "People who boast about their IQ are losers."

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    Re: Gary Young, Founder and Former CEO of Young Living, Has Died

    What on earth.....................................?
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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