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Trisha Whitmire and Emily Yanes de Flores vs. Monat Global Corp.

Date: February 2018
Plaintiffs: Trisha Whitemire, Emily Yanes de Flores
Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000 (USD)

In early 2018, Trisha Whitemire and Emily Yanes de Flores filed the largest class action lawsuit to-date against Monat for a total of $5,000,000. Their lawsuit claims that while Monat’s website claims substantial health benefits like “hair loss cessation” and “hair regrowth”, many customers have experienced significant hair loss and/or scalp irritation after using Monat’s line of hair products. The suit also points out that despite claiming that their products are “all-natural” and “sulfate-free”, the actually do contain sulfates (including Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate) and other petrochemicals that can cause the types of scalp issues that Monat customers have been documenting over the past few years. Finally, Whitemire and Yanes allege that Monat leadership, including the Urdaneta, have actively engaged in intimidation and deception by launching friovlous lawsuits against former distributers and blocked or erased comments that were critical of their products from the internet.

Dana Sohovich vs. Monat Global Corp.

Date: March 2018
Plaintiffs: Dana Sohovich
Defendant: Monat Global Corp.
Lawsuit Amount: $5,000,000 (USD)

In this lawsuit, Dana Sohovich (a previous customer) alleges that she lost 50% of her hair as a direct result of using Monat products. Her lawsuit claims that Monat lies about the ingredients of their hair products, hides the side effects of the products (one of which is “hair thinning” as a result of initial “detox), and actively engages in false advertiseing by saying their products are ‘Guaranteed to deliver Longer, Fuller, Stronger, Younger-Looking Hair In Just 90 Days.’ While Dana filed the lawsuit partly on her behalf, she does mention the likely thousands of other customers who have experienced similar trauma to their hair and scalp. As a result of this lawsuit, the FDA has opened an investigation into Monat, claiming that it is reviewing roughly 200 “adverse event” reports by Monat customers.
and others - these seem the most interesting

And it seems Monat is going to have a busy 2019 in ways they didn't plan.

After the FDA Inspection Found Filthy, Contaminated Conditions in the Monat Facilities, I would think these plaintiffs have a pretty compelling case.

I haven't been by the Quatloos! forum in years, but I think I'll drop in and give wserra a heads up. Maybe he can keep us posted on how these cases develop. Should be interesting in the very least!