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Thread: Spinglo, Enwire and other related companies

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    Spinglo, Enwire and other related companies

    We have some users at feeling they have been defrauded by an investment fraud in Spinglo / Synkronice / Spinglo Holdings Europe Plc, sometimes in 2011 or 2012.

    Too detailed discussion will "drown" the thread about another company, Enwire. To avoid ruining that thread I'm moving the "investigation" parts to this thread. They will find more investigators here.

    Source at
    Enwire Review: Spinglo cashback commissions | BehindMLM

    People joined the Spinglo social network between 2009 and 2012, a "free to join" social network with an income opportunity heavily attached to it, typically about selling 575 / 1725 "membership packages" to other members. Some of the users will probably give a better and more detailed explanation here?

    It also had investment offers, "the next big thing on the internet" offers, selling "share certificates" in Spinglo Holdings Europe Plc. I believe that company was sold to another company. Some of the users will probably give a better and more detailed explanation here?

    The share offer (found on the internet):

    One example from behindmlm (user "Owen", post #16):
    In March 2011, purchased shares from Spinglo.

    Got shares certificate issued under Spinglo Holdings Europe PLC through the post, but when the takeover happened, no notification to let me know of the change.
    I gave some general answers, e.g. about shares in network marketing. The idea is NOT to buy shares, but to encourage other people in your downline to buy them, and earn commissions from their purchases. It's simply a way to shuffle money from a downline to an upline, with no real value in the underlying investment.

    I will let the users affected by the scam handle this thread themselves. I don't do "investigation" types of work other than the basic information about a company, so I'm not the right person to handle that type of work.

    My suggstions to the users affected by the scam has been:
    1. Collect information, get an overview
    2. Organize the most important parts of the information
    3. Make decisions about what to do, whom to contact, etc.

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    Re: Spinglo, Enwire and other related companies

    this spinglo and synkronice is a big scam i was a level 6 in it me and my wife paid 1575 to come in and have 4000 in shares and not had a penny and they owe me 10k to one of their top guys gerwyn duggan is being taken to crown court as we speak and he was arrested in a meeting in new port by south wales police for miss selling and may get up to 3 yrs in jail the people behind this scam is graham gull jonas jan eric simon cook and there are a lot more do not i repeat do not buy into this scam as you will not get paid and your money will disappear its new name now is enwire and trig

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    Re: Spinglo, Enwire and other related companies

    In this thread, I will probably have to separate between OLD SCAM (Spinglo / Synkronice) and NEW SCAM (Enwire,, Viral Angels, SiteTalk, etc.). They MAY be related to each other in other ways than what I have found until now. Enwire is presenting itself as "the networking arm of Spinglo", but the ownership is different.

    [NEW SCAM]
    It's a chaos of different companies and/or trading names, so I can only list partial info for the ones I have found so far.

    Main companies:
    CELLPOINT CONNECT AB (Chairman: Andrew James Guthrie). Publicly traded Swedish company. The MAIN organizer here.
    ENWIRE AB (Chairman / CEO: Andrew James Guthrie) Publicly traded Swedish company.

    "Services" delivered by ENWIRE:
    1. TRIG.COM owned by TRIG ENTERTAINMENT AB, which is 92% owned by CELLPOINT CONNECT AB.
    Social network, music & entertainment shop

    2. VIRALANGELS.COM, network marketing private equity club, with internal market for trade
    Viral Angels, a private equity and business angels network | Enwire (one of the users' description)
    Viral Angels 2 - YouTube (14 minutes video presentation, done by "Tony" from CELLPOINT CONNECT AB)

    3. MILLIOO.COM (plug-in), network marketing cashback solution

    4. STEXON, gaming and gambling, network marketing

    5. SPINGLO Cashback (Millioo)

    6. SITETALK Cashback (Millioo)

    There's many different sides of this project.
    * network marketing pyramid scheme
    * investment scheme
    * manipulating share prices in the ordinary stock market (for the 2 main companies)

    SITETALK was the recruitment portal for UNAICO / ENIGRO / I-INVESTORCLUB, banned in Norway in 2009, banned in one eastern European country in 2009 or 2010, banned in Bangladesh and Pakistan in 2011 or 2012.

    SPINGLO was a "copy" of SITETALK (a free to join social network, used as a feeder for a combined opportunity).
    ENWIRE is a copy of both of them.

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    Re: Spinglo, Enwire and other related companies

    Mehran Muslimi is one of the major criminals behind sitetalk. Mehran Muslimi is the person behind most of telemarketing scams, pyramid schemes and credit card frauds that are run from Costa Del sol (Marbella), Spain. He pretends to be involved in telecommunication and has set up many pages on the Internet and copied many YouTube videos under his name to hide his criminal activities. You can find information more information, Mehran Muslimi and his different companies here:

    Mehran Muslimi- Criminial behind Sitetalk and other criminal activities
    Read about sitetalk pyramid scam: Sitetalk - iTel global group scam


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