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Thread: Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme

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    Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme

    I have datamined Yoli's distributor list yet once again. I will publish the list on my website tomorrow night, but will reveal the figures now.

    February 28, 2010
    6649 Yoli Distributor IDs have been assigned.

    March 7, 2011 (New Figures)
    9136 Yoli Distributor IDs have been assigned.

    I believe these figures reveal Yoli's inability to have any substantial growth. Yoli managed to gain about 6600 distributors in just a few months after their official launch, but then only 2500 more distributors a year after that. This does not even take in account the number of distributors who have quit! I'll have the results posted on my website Unfolding The Product Based Pyramid Scheme - USANA as Example and will also post on here when it is up. As for now, it's time for bed. Enjoy!

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    Re: Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme

    Yoli and their top distributors can no longer hide the facts.

    Complete Distributor List
    Yoli Distributor List - March 2011

    March 7, 2011 - total of 9136 Distributor IDs issued.
    February 28, 2010 - total of 6649 Distributor IDs issued.

    Only 2487 Distributors were recruited during the last 12 months!

    This doesn't even account for the number of distributors who have quit. Would Yoli or any of their distributors have ever provided these facts? Probably not. This is why MLMs should be required to disclose pertinent information like this to prospecting business owners.

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    Re: Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme


    Hello and welcome to the FreeStylesTeam!!

    This is Len Clements, founder of and I am dedicated to providing support, training, guidance, and inspiration to my Yoli International organization. That's why we put this site together.

    However... this site is under construction... a lot more will be added shortly.
    The "Jungle Juice" market... just within the MLM marketplace, in just the U.S. alone, is roughly $5-6 billion annually. Virtually all (99%) are pasteurized, contain preservatives, most are loaded with sugar, and questionable nutritional value (label versus what's really in the bottle)... and typically wholesale for $30-$45 per bottle!
    What percentage market-share do you think a

    company could obtain if they offered the following?
    • No Hot-Fill or Pasteurization
    • No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners
    • No Caffeine or Harmful Stimulants
    • No Highly Acidic Fillers or Chemicals
    • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    • No Preservatives
    • Freshest ingredients freeze-dried into powder
    • Vitamins & Minerals totally in tact
    • Living Enzymes
    • Best Shelf Life
    • Unique patented delivery system - BlastCap™
    • Zero Glycemic Index
    • $3.99 retail per bottle (1/10th average mlm price)
    • Highly demontratable and attention getting
    I believe Yoli can realistically grab 10% market-share and when it does Yoli will be one of the largest companies in the MLM marketplace, of all time. And I honestly think 20% is conservative. And if you know me, you know I'm not prone to exaggeration and hype (in fact, I've been battling against it for over 19 years as founder & CEO of MarketWave, Inc.).
    Best regards,
    Len Clements
    Las Vegas, NV
    Lenny, my pet. Even with that Mensa I.Q. you possess, do you think you can put enough zeroes behind a decimal point to represent the actual minuscule market share for Yoli???

    Anyone needing assistance please feel free to use this e-mail in addition to the PM system here to contact me:

    Dallas College Richland Campus Music Advising Derrick Logozzo / Melissa Logan / Not NASM Accredited / Out of State Tuition Nightmare!

    Love some Bunny! I do!

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    Re: Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme

    Len Clements - Author of the Month

    Read Len Clements winning article "Why MLM Obliterates the Four Major Fears of Starting Your Own Business".

    Len Clements is the president & CEO of MarketWave, Inc., a well respected MLM research and "watchdog" organization since 1990. He has served in senior management positions, including CEO, for three different MLM companies, and was the #1 distributor seven out of nine years with his last opportunity. He is a court certified expert in the field of network marketing and a consultant to the industry specializing in compensation plan design. Len is the author of the popular and controversial book "Inside Network Marketing" as well as the best selling audio presentations "Case Closed: The Whole Truth About Network Marketing" and "The Coming Network Marketing Boom!"

    Len has also been the president & CEO of PC Time, a computer training company in San Francisco, CA, and Dynamite Promotions, an advertising & promotions venture based in Novato, CA.

    Len received his degree in Business Data Processing from Heald Business College in San Francisco, CA, where he graduated with a 4.13 GPA. He graduated from Sir Francis Drake High School number three in his class in mathematics, and is a member of the American Mensa Society with a certified I.Q. of 155.

    In his spare time Len loves to hike, play softball, and has been a Little League Baseball coach for 18 years.

    For more information about Len and his business opportunites please visit MarketWave - MLM Research & Analysis or check out his list of impressive acheivements

    ************************************************** ********

    Actually, it's "opportunities" - not opportunites.

    And "achievements" - not acheivements.

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    Re: Yoli Distributor Figures As Of March 2011 reveal failed pyramid scheme

    Ha ha ha ha. Turd still has to throw his alleged IQ crap out there. I certainly didn't need mlm to obliterate any fear of starting my own real business, much less four fears. And how can you be 'author of the month' when no one else is writing? LOL.
    He really has a 'love me daddy' complex. Who is the kid in the pic? His newest boyfriend or just some innocent he may be molesting?

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