yes after a number of years undercover and a brief encounter with the courts regarding TelexFree he is back. You can read the judges settlement findings against isg-telecom, joseph isaacs who profusely claims he was again taken back by the massive Ponzi. He was the victim and while cashing all those checks $500,000 worth he was more involved. After the bankruptcy judge review isaacs financials he stated he was not sure isaacs could pay the fine of $50,000 based on his tax returns and financial records. As we all know joe is always the most successful, wealthy individual in the room next to Warren Buffett.
Issacs is now the grand pooba for Buzz Pops in Las Vegas Nv. Something he is heading up with his son who is a chief at one of the resorts casinos. Not well funded and can't be sold in stores as we would expect it's a direct sale for pool parties as an alcoholic flavored ice pop. Not to worry he has already stiffed local suppliers and the courts have awarded to the plaintiffs. A full SAOS program. He has not lost any of his style or bull shit lines. his ole email still works and he is true to form.